Why Your Business Will Struggle Without Enterprise Apps

Why Your Business Will Struggle Without Enterprise Apps

Why Your Business Will Struggle Without Enterprise Apps

Many companies started using Enterprise Apps to simplify business processes and to track and communicate with mobile workforces.

Businesses realise that business apps can increase productivity, reduce costs, save time and make communication with both staff and clients easier and quicker.

Enterprise Apps are now becoming more of a necessity than an option.

Does it matter if you’re not using mobile technology yet?

Adobe reports that 48% of organisations adopted workplace apps due to fear of missing out on new customers or sales, as people trust and love to use apps for their needs. 61% of organisations want to be more efficient by creating Custom Apps.

Reasons to implement a mobile strategy across your business:

1. Without enterprise apps, you’ll be less efficient

Mobile Apps help your business more efficiently collect orders, process quotes, schedule jobs and tracking and finalising invoices. It provides a link between different departments and communications are quick and efficient.

Some of the enterprise apps which help to increase business output:

  1. . Workflow management
  2. . Reporting tools
  3. . Timesheet management
  4. . Induction
  5. . Project management
  6. . Accounting Apps

2. Without enterprise apps, employee turnover will be higher

Providing workers with technology while working can relieve stress as the App helps to reduce the errors in work. How is this possible?

App converts the manual paper forms into digital forms and validates all mandatory fields so that workers won’t fail to enter these details. Moreover, some details can be selected as drop down values so that workers can save typing time.

App has push notification features or quick notification that pops out if there is an urgent message for workers. When admin or office staff add notifications for workers, it can be instantly viewed by workers. Similarly, when workers complete work, admin receives notification.

3. Without enterprise apps, you will lose your competitive edge

An Adobe study found that Enterprise Apps can increase productivity by 51%, better communication by 47%, and reduce costs by 31%. IT decision makers admit that their ROI increased to 35% when they implemented enterprise mobile apps.

Is your business lagging behind?

Without a proper enterprise mobile strategy you are at risk of falling behind your competition.

If you are running a company with a mobile workforce then you need to implement a mobile strategy without delay. If you want to make your mobile workforce, customers and your partners happy then think and implement a mobile app solution designed for your business.

Competitive advantage, start using enterprise apps today

Adopt a mobile strategy to enable your staff to do their jobs more efficiently.. Many of the companies we start working with report that they are behind their competitors or just on par with them as they start to adopt mobile enterprise apps. They are gaining confidence and expect they will soon they will overtake their competitors.

Start planning to build your mobile enterprise apps strategy today. If you need any suggestions, please contact us.

 It's one of the most intuitive systems we've ever worked with and it simplified our workflow to a degree where it made the job enjoyable.

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