I Have a Good App Idea - What Next?

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I Have a Good App Idea - What Next?

Some things you should consider when coming up with original app ideas for your business:

1 . Think Flexibly

You will probably have at least one innovate app idea. But instead of sticking to this one idea, treat this as a starting point and undertake some research on similar ideas. You may find other ideas you would not have thought of.

2 . Study the Market

Dig more on iTunes App Store and Google Play Apps. Download apps which you feel may be relevant to your business and start using these apps. Note the features you like and don’t like.. Read the reviews for the apps - both positive and negative. This will be helpful for you as you can solve the issues mentioned by app users in their ratings.

3 . Seek Feedback

The next step is share your thoughts and ideas with people or friends from your industry and listen to their feedback. If you have sketches and Skelton Diagrams you can also meet with App developing companies to discuss. Book our Free One hour consultation as we can provide some good suggestions to develop your app idea.

4 . Tweak Your Idea

Once you create your app prototype which we call MVP or Minimum Viable Product, you can send this to your friends and colleagues to seek feedback. This prototype can be viewed in your mobile devices and gives the visual appeal of a real app so that viewers can give suggestions as they feel it is your real app. Or else you may have already approached an app developing company, who will supply a MVP and give you more info on this. Changes can be made to the MVP and it is suggested to make your app user centric. Enterprise apps concentrate on user friendly designs and navigations so functionality is an important criteria, whereas with consumer centric apps they should be catchy as well as user friendly so that your app provides more than what users expect.

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5 . Respond to Consumers

After releasing your trial app, the feedback period begins. Wait patiently as sometimes feedback will be delayed because the app market is wide and it may take some time to get responses. Check the number of downloads, the reviews and the revenue you are receiving. If your app is successful, you can add-on some next features and update your app.

According to the Mobile App Market Statistics 2017, the usage of mobile apps is increasing at a rapid rate and more users are satisfied using apps with good user experience, enhanced security and privacy. These mobile app trends will increase the app revenue throughout the world.

Having an App is a good start, but developing it with an App mindset is better.

 It's one of the most intuitive systems we've ever worked with and it simplified our workflow to a degree where it made the job enjoyable.

Levi Tamou