How much does it cost to develop an app?

App Cost

What is the cost of Mobile App Development?

9 Factors That Influence App Development Cost

Among the common questions regarding App Development Cost, the most important and frequently asked question is: “How much does it cost to make an app?”

And the most common answer is: “It depends”.

In this blog, we are going to explain the 9 main factors which influence the cost of mobile app development.

1 . Features and Functionality

Every business is unique just as every App is unique. The purpose of an App determines the services needed to achieve the required functionality.

If an App needs to control the onsite employees and work flow, then it should have GPS/Location features to track the location of staff, job time tracking, customer signature, online payments etc.

Sometimes a third-party API is needed to be integrated to run the functionality. This will cost more as App developers need to test these codes and make changes to suit the client requirements which will likely consume time and cost. Depending on features required the cost varies.

2 . Number of Screens

Depending upon the numbers of screens an App needs is another factor which affects the cost.

If an App has many screens to navigate and during this navigation process a particular screen may be accessed more than one way, then the developer has to write a set of conditions to allow that to happen.

User experience work is needed for such Apps. This will take time as the developer has to undertake some research before designing it. Sometimes the designer may meet with users directly to discuss the issues faced by users so that the App developer can avoid such mistakes.

3 . Database

If the App users can upload images, edit contents or comments or submit reviews on a regular basis, then it should have a database.

A database is a place where all data entered into the App is saved safely to retrieve in the future. If users add an image and wish to retrieve it later then it needs to be stored in a database to later display on the App as required.

A database communicates with the user and the App and performs the work of a mediator. The cost for hosting and storage will be needed to be taken into consideration for Apps that require a database.

4 . CMS

CMS or Content Management System will allow App users to edit, delete and add new information whenever they want. If you need the ability to control, add and edit data the App displays to users, then a CMS will likely be needed.

5 . Platforms

Do you want to run your App on IOS (Apple) devices like iPhone or iPad only or on Android phones or tablets too?

Android App Development consumes more testing time because the Android platform is more fragmented than iOS. The handsets, its operating systems and screen sizes are different because the manufacturers are different. Ideally the app should work well on all devices.

In Android, there is no “forced updating alerts” for the users so many users are still using old operating systems. This means that the Android App needs to be tested on a large number of Android devices to ensure the functionality of the App.

6 . Tablets

The design of App screens for tablets and mobiles are different. For example: The login form view inside an iPhone and iPad will be different. The text boxes and submit buttons should be bigger on iPad screens. The screens need to be redesigned as per each device. This will consume time and cost more when compared to designing an App for just one specific device.

7 . External Services

Sometimes when making user friendly functions App Developers will integrate some common functions like Push Notifications and Analytics to check the user behaviour and usage of the App. These are external functions which are coded and ready to use for the App Developer.

This will reduce development time but needs to be purchased to make the App functionality better. This will also affect the cost of the APP. But this may not be necessary for all Apps. App developers’ advise customers if External Services are needed. Although it is readymade the integration and testing is needed to ensure it is functioning well inside the App.

8 . Server Costs

As discussed earlier if an App requires a database, or features like chat functions, bookings etc then you will need a server.

Server space can be rented and payment made for the time using the server and bandwidth for data transferred from and to the server.

9 . Developer Licences

In order to release an app under your own Company or your Company’s name to the Apple Store, you need an Apple Developer Account. This costs $99 a year. And for Android App releasing, you need to pay $25 a year.

Of these 9 factors the most important which determines the App Development Cost is the functionality and features. The more features, the more the development time and cost.

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