5 Tips for Getting Started with a Successful Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Enterprise Mobility for your business

5 Tips for Getting Started with a Successful Enterprise Mobility Strategy

For a business to be truly effective, it needs an enterprise mobility strategy that allows it to engage with employees, and become more innovative and efficient.

If you want to make your business truly effective, you should adopt a powerful mobility strategy that can engage your employees so that they can give their best each day.

What is enterprise mobility?

Enterprise mobility is an advanced working approach for employees working out of the office using mobile devices, wireless networks and cloud services to complete the work assigned to them.

So how can you mobilise your business?

1. Set a goal

Know what are you doing in your business and why are you doing it. Then you can decide how you can most efficiently implement an enterprise mobile strategy. You can use it to boost your employee productivity as well as staff morale.

Do you want to connect your contractors to head office in real time? Or want to get real-time details of works performed outside of the office?

Think about the key points you expect your enterprise mobility should do to improve your business efficiency. Analyse and focus on this, otherwise mobility may not improve your business strategy.

2 . Decide: BYOD or COPE?

BYOD means Bring Your Own Device and is a method of using personal mobile devices like smartphones and tablets as their working tools. This is a core initial step for developing enterprise mobility.

When employees use their own mobile devices, it has been found to increase the efficiency and productivity, as mobile devices with user friendly apps provide a better user experience than Personal Computers. Employees enjoy the flexibility in completing jobs that they can work on from home instead.

COPE are Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled mobile devices, provided by companies and allow employees to use the device for both personal and business purposes. Compared to the BYOD this is more secure because employees won’t take the device home if they have finished the job and your company details are safe inside the corporate owned devices.

3 . Create the features your users need

If you are planning for enterprise mobility then a key component to consider is user experience. If your staff are working efficiently and completing their tasks when they are at the office and while working outside then it is clear that your enterprise mobility solution is not effectively helping them to finish their tasks. Businesses normally create native mobile apps, tailored to their business activities so that it can provide a better user experience. If your enterprise mobility is created exactly like your business currently operates, then your employees won’t feel any difficulty in operating it. This will not only increase their efficiency but will greatly impact on their productivity because great apps can keep users engaged for longer periods.

4 . Set up an Enterprise Mobile security policy

Security is the main criteria while creating enterprise apps for businesses. You have to keep your private details as well as your users’ details safe and secure because it is a matter of trust between you and your app users. Spend time to ensure your mobile strategy is secure against both internal and external threats.

5 . Make sure you have the right people working on the task

Another important criteria for the success of your business is having the right team. If you implement an effective mobile strategy and you don’t have the right team working on it, then it is unlikely you will get result you expect from your Enterprise App. A powerful Enterprise App developed with a good team can make your business successful.

Mobility is not an option

There are many commercial benefits to owning an enterprise mobility app. A happy and satisfied workforce can result in more productivity and this results in increased efficiency of your business.

 It's one of the most intuitive systems we've ever worked with and it simplified our workflow to a degree where it made the job enjoyable.

Levi Tamou