5 Key Elements Every Enterprise Mobile App Must Include

Enterprise Mobile App Elements

5 Key Elements Every Enterprise Mobile App Must Include:

User centric Apps and Enterprise Apps are different. The main goal of user centric apps is increasing sales whereas enterprise apps focus on increasing employee productivity. But for both apps user-friendliness is very important. The main five elements that enterprise mobile apps must include are:

1 . Facility for user feedback:

User feedback is vital for an app’s betterment whether it is a consumer app or an enterprise app. Enterprise apps are meant for workers, so ask for employee feedback regarding what they wish to have in their new app, what they are suffering now etc.

2 . Offline support:

Enterprise Apps that do not work offline are limiting. Mobile workforces are sometimes required to work in remote locations and if some features like search fail to work then they will feel bad especially when working to deadlines. Apps should always maintain sending of information from web in a sequent method, otherwise the created app may be a failure for your business.

3 . Customisation supportive:

The OS (Operating System) Android and iOS are changing continuously and the software is updated frequently. Apps must support customisation and be compatible to changing trends and requirements.

Although App developers can provide maximum customization, there will be a minimum software requirement to install your app in a device, whether it is android or iOS. You need to ensure that you have at least been provided with the minimal requirement to run the app. This is because some features in app will work on iOS 7 and if you are using an outdated version and you blame the App developer for customisation, he/she will not be able to support you.

4 . Allow updating:

If you feel a new feature or an additional feature or functionality should be implemented in your app, to make your app better this is called an ‘update’. Only experienced App developers will create apps compatible for future updates. App developers know that when business grows some new features will be required to be implemented o they will create apps that can adopt new features.

Sometimes your competitors will implement some new features and you are likely to get this information from your employees. If you feel it is a good feature then you can implement it in your app. This will result in increased efficiency for your business and productivity of your employees.

5 . App security

Hackers are continuously trying to crack enterprise mobile apps to take sensitive details. According to A Gartner about 75% of mobile Apps fail because they are not passing the basic security tests. If apps are not developed with security in mind then enterprise apps will be end up being a threat to the business.

Do you want to develop a secured enterprise app with all the above elements?

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